Dr Kate Greenway

Owner & Radiation Safety Manager

Dr Greenway has been involved with body composition scanning since 1997 and received a PhD in Bone Densitometry and Exercise in 2013.

She also has qualifications in biomedical sciences and radiation instrumentation & safety.

Prior to opening K8 Bodyscan in 2012, Dr Greenway spent over 40 years as an academic, teaching medical sciences.

She has also published extensively in medical research journals on many DXA (body scanning) related topics including AFL football, obesity, womens health, swimming, intellectual disability and the effect of exercise on bone density.

She is passionate about helping people understand what their body composition is and is an expert at analysing body scan results to ensure that people are aware of where their body composition is at and what is needed to effect change e.g. fat loss /muscle gain.

Dr Gabriel Parker


Dr Parker joined the team at K8 Bodyscan in 2017 and provides consultations to people wishing to undertake a DXA scan.

He graduated from RMIT University (Melbourne) in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and Masters (Clinical Chiropractic) degrees.

In addition he also has received a Post Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Sports Science and loves helping athletes from weekend warriors to elite level get the best from their bodies.

Dr Parker has worked in private practice for over ten years and is passionate about helping people attain optimum health. He  enjoys working with people from all walks of life. He believes DXA bodyscans are a fantastic tool for people to gain insight into their physical makeup which then empowers them to take control of their lifestyles to achieve their health goals.