“Find Out What You’re Made of”

DEXA Body Scan MelbourneDXA is the Gold Standard for measuring weight loss and muscle gain. A K8 DXA body scan will give you a very accurate measure of:

  • Lean Mass (including muscle)
  • Body Fat
  • Bone Mineral Density

In your arms, legs, trunk and entire body.

Is there dangerous visceral fat around your vital organs?

Our scans can show you where you store fat and what body shape you are.

Is your strength & Conditioning OR Nutrition plan actually working?

A K8 body scan can tell you whether you are gaining or losing fat and or muscle and also
where this is occurring in your body.
Over time (and with subsequent scans) we can monitor regional changes occurring with your

Our scan prices include a detailed explanation of your results including:

  • Classification in terms of fat mass
  • Cardiovascular risk implications of current fat levels
  • Calculation of target fat mass
  • Discussion of calorie requirements for fat loss and maintenance
  • General weight loss –formulating a plan
  • Bone density analysis